Fraud: People go to vote, ballots already cast; Others vote more than once!/Jersey_Brownie/status/265845619296456704

Evidently, Aunt Joanne isn’t alone. Other Twitter users report a similar issue. They show up to vote and are told they have voted already.

Apparently someone already voted in my name? #paininmyass #systemfuckup

— Walker Funk (@callmedublya) November 6, 2012

A friend of mine (former GOP official) showed up to vote in VA this morning and was informed he’d already done so. He had not.

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) November 6, 2012

It’s crazy cause when I went to the polls to voted, my name already had an ❌ by it like I voted n shit

— FlyAssHippie (@Sweetheart_Shai) November 6, 2012

@erikrush sorry, young man in line with me said his family in illinois was told they cld not vote they had already voted, they had not.

— Ricky Kirk (@rickykirk) November 6, 2012

@seanhannity Tried to vote in AZ this AM, was told I had already voted, young man in line said his family in Illinois told same this morning

— Ricky Kirk (@rickykirk) November 6, 2012

And on the fraud flip-side, some Twitter users are claiming to have voted more than once.

Everyone gets one vote, not ten.It’s not funny telling me you voted three times today already.Slooow down.

— Wasteland Music (@Wasteland_Music) November 6, 2012

lol uhm RT @poitierp: One of my co-workers just said she voted three times already. *polishes off crossbow*

— Defiant(@MCoveteur) November 6, 2012

We can’t be sure if their claims are true, but there are confirmed reports of people trying to do so.

Man tries to vote twice in NC…

— Election Journal (@electionjournal) November 6, 2012

How many have actually gotten away with it? These Twitter users claim that they have.

My dad just told me he voted for obama three times yesterday is he retarted

— Brittany Kralik (@brittanykralik2) November 6, 2012

Voted voted voted! I voted three times.

— srah (@marchpanes) November 6, 2012

@mrcraigrobinson i voted three times, so i have two extras

— daniel adams (@dla17302) November 6, 2012

Voted. 👍Twice. 😜

— Brad Coker (@thebradcoker) November 6, 2012

Already voted twice today, once in MO, once in KS #feelsgoodman

— Brockway (@JoshBrockway) November 6, 2012

Feeling a strong sense of accomplishment today. Already voted three times. #Election2012

— Cory Grassell (@CoryGrassell) November 6, 2012

I just voted.Three times actually.Love Illinois. #election2012

— Jordan Borio (@jborio) November 6, 2012

People make jokes on me because I voted twice. Well, that means I was capable to make a difference… Twice!

— A U T R È (@_GreatCinClair) November 6, 2012

I voted three times.Take that (insert party name here.)…

— Matthew Wood (@mattbigdogwood) November 6, 2012

Voted twice. #ImBad

— Tayler Herzberg (@TaylerHerzberg) November 6, 2012

This is why Democrats are against requiring identification to vote. It’s not racist; it stops fraud.

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Academic compares babies to garbage in your neighbor’s yard

Last month, The Wall Street Journal published a review of Larissa MacFarquhar’s book “Strangers Drowning,” which consists of profiles of extreme “do-gooders,” such as the woman who was morally torn over the idea of having a child. The author writes that in this woman’s view, a child of her own would be an enormous line item on her “moral spreadsheet,” and “the most expensive nonessential thing she could possibly possess.”

By diverting some of the world’s preciouslimited resources to her own baby, the woman believed that “she would be in effect killing other people’s children.”

That book was just published, but sadly, the idea of a child or children being “immoral” is nothing new. U.S. academic Paul Ehrlich, author of 1968’s “The Population Bomb” is still around, living off the Earth’s limited resources and flying around the world giving lectures about the end of the world.

The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephenswritesthis week about the“embarrassed eulogies being written for Chinas one-child policy, which Beijing finally eased last week after a 35-year experiment in social folly and human cruelty.” He notes that Ehrlich, now in his 80s, has held strong to his anti-child views.

It’s a bit unfair to imply that Ehrlich isn’t thinking of the children who have already been born. He has all sorts of ideas in that big brain.

Don’t ask.

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Putnam County denies Journal News request for gun permit holder information!/sandman103gbf/status/286991510589804544

The publishers of the Journal News in suburban New York are still committed to outing gun permit holders, but officials in Putnam County held a press conference to let the public know they weren’t going to make it easy to expose residents there. “There is the rule of law, and there is right and wrong, and the Journal News is clearly wrong,” said Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant. “I could not live with myself if one Putnam pistol permit holder was put in harm’s way, for the sole purpose of selling newspapers.”

State Sen. Greg Ball also spoke, calling the newspaper publishers “elitist eggheads,” adding, “I thank God that Putnam County has a clerk with the guts to stand up and draw the line here in Putnam County.”

Press conference with Putnam County Officials standing up for law-abiding gun owners in Putnam County.…

— Greg Ball (@ball4ny) January 3, 2013

The Journal News has already published an interactive, online map showing the names and addresses of permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties, outraging many who consider the map not only an invasion of privacy but a handy guide for burglars. The newspaper obtained the names through the state’s Freedom of Information Law, but Sant said Putnam would not comply with the paper’s request. Residents at the press conference were reported to have given a standing ovation, and Sant has won fans online for his stand.

Bravo, Putnam County! New York County Denies Newspaper’s Request for More Gun Permit Owner Info – #ProGun #NRA #tcot

— Stacy (@Brn_Eyed_Gurl) January 4, 2013

thank God for the county commisioner of putnam county hip hip hooray standing up to the liberal loser paper journel news

— john hollandsworth (@jhrusher) January 4, 2013

A great big THANK YOU to Dennis Sant for standing up for ethics and not releasing the names of gun owners in Putnam county.

— Conservative Lady (@LindaJamle) January 3, 2013

Hurray for the clerk of court in Putnam county new york

— Andy Willingham (@andywillingham) January 4, 2013

The Putnam County Clerk is my hero. Liberal Media scum eff off!

— Mark (@WannabeAnglican) January 4, 2013

“We’re talking about endangering our citizens.” Putnam Clerk explains decision to deny gun permit info –

— Nik Bonopartis (@NikBonopartis) January 4, 2013

PutnamCountyClerk Dennis Sant looking out for county residents.Won’t give JournalNews names and addresses of gun permit holders.Good Guy!

— BayAreaHausFrau (@bayareahausfrau) January 3, 2013

Hurray! Dennis Sant, Putnam County clerk takes a stand against the Leftist causing harm to gun owners. “They will have to take me to court.”

— Susan  (@ParadiseCity26) January 3, 2013

Putnam County clerk tells NYC’s The Journal to cram their gun permit list request up their rententive, liberal asses…

— Kenny Hitt (@fusionaddict) January 3, 2013

I would give the county clerk of Putnam money to fight a legal battle for protecting privacy of gun holders.#violationofgunholdersprivacy

— Carrie Deao (@carriedeao) January 3, 2013

God bless N.Y. Putnam county clerk for taking a stand for what’s right. Godspeed.

— jim(@fshermn) January 3, 2013

The Putnam County, NY Clerk who refuses to release names of Gun Permit Owners needs our support & know we cheer his Patriotism

— ProfessorRobo (@ProfessorRobo) January 3, 2013

Hats off to the Clerk of Putnam County for refusing to reveal names of gun permit owners to the Gannet owned paper. #tcot #teaparty #nra

— Obama Doctrine (@ObamaDoctrine12) January 3, 2013

I salute the Putnam County Clerk! #StandStrong

— Jeremiah Farmer (@JF_RadioHour) January 3, 2013

The legal wrangling is certainly just beginning, but in Putnam County, at least, there will be a fight.


Ball has uploaded the following news clip giving an overview of today’s press conference.


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