George Stephanopoulos teases Eric Holder interview with ‘softball’ question!/GStephanopoulos/status/487588591418490881

Ooh, real tough question.!/simplogic/status/487597030865248257

Why is Holder’s opinion about the implementation of Obamacare relevant? Possibly because it beats getting to the bottom of the issues people have hard questions about with answers that could be detrimental to the Obama administration.

Stephanopoulos might be able to reel in a few more viewers if he’d promise that Holder would be grilled about something else:!/redsteeze/status/487588956746170368

Now there’s a great idea! But will it happen?!/lizreads/status/487589201928794112!/MidwestViews/status/487599580305838080

.@GStephanopoulos Why hasn’t Lerner been charged?
✅Email saying don’t talk on email
✅Missing emails
✅Destroyed hard drive
✅Invocation of 5th— DC Dude (@DCDude1776) July 11, 2014

Will Holder be asked about these things? Don’t hold your breath.

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Apparently, Even Bike Locks Can Be Hacked These Days — And It’s Scary Simple

“Life hacks” — they’re the trendy little tricks that make the lives of nice people just a bit easier…then again, this might be the first one I’ve seen that could potentially make things easier for criminals.

Watch as this guy teaches viewers how to open a simple bike lock in under 90 seconds.

I can’t believe it’s that easy! Now you know that you have to buy a super-secure bike lock.

Lesson learned: the next time I ride a bike, I’m locking it up with a medieval ball and chain.

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Yes, It’s Just A Door. Well, Until You See What It Does… Then It’s Downright Epic.

There are so many things in this world that are overly complicated. Your relationships, jobs and health can be a constant source of stress. As a result? Simplicity can be beautiful. That’s a reason why this Austrian artist’s creation is so wonderful. Klemens Torggler created his Evolution Door as an extension of his practice, but I want one. Now. He took something as simple as a door, deconstructed it even further and created something incredible.

It is a 4-panel entryway that looks surprisingly like a normal door… until you touch it.

The door then collapses smoothly, folding like origami.

Then, it reforms on the other side of the doorway.

Klemens calls his beautiful system a “flip panel door” (Drehplattentür). It’s technically considered kinetic art and a prototype, so you wouldn’t be able to buy one for your home just yet (although I’m completely certain I would). Watch the video below to see it in action:

As soon as I can find a way to have this door in my life… I will make it happen. Source: This is Colossal If you like your friends, share this door with them. That way, they can know something so awesome exists.

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‘Rube Goldberg would be proud’: Your ‘smarter government’ chart of the day!/lachlan/status/354583189064384512

Your government at work!

National Journal published this chart provided by Leavitt Partners, a group that helps states set up Obamacare exchanges. The graphic was introduced with this sentence: “Bear in mind, this chart is supposed to simplify and explain.”!/brithume/status/354580634917814273

Enjoy, 26-year-old hipster Obama voters!!/hleecar/status/354582239704649728!/ConchoQueen/status/354588387690283008

It’s all cool, you guys. President Obama has a plan for “smarter government.”

So do we: How ’bout a permanent Obamacare delay?!/rorycooper/status/354590933423108096


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Slam! Iowahawk shreds President Smarty Pants with #GovtEfficiencyIdeas

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